Columbia Road Flower Market

Where: Columbia Road, E2 7RG

When: Sundays only!

Good for: Buying all types of flowers and plants (and taking beautiful and colourful photos!)

How to get there: The easiest way to get there is from Liverpool Street station or Shoreditch High Street station, then taking bus 26 or 48 towards Hackney Road, stopping at the Queensbridge Road stop. It is then a 4 minutes walk to the market.

The Columbia Road Flower Market is a good place to visit if you want to experience a different side of London. Situated in East London, just off Hackney Road, the usually quiet street is transformed every Sunday into a busy street market, where you will be able to sight and purchase all types of fresh flowers including (but not limited to) tulips, roses, lilies, hydrangeas and also various other potted plants and yes, herbs too!

Tulips for £5 a bunch (10 stems)

Although the flower market only spans over a short stretch on Columbia Road, the choices of flowers are abundant and if you are like me and have decidophobia (i.e. fear of making decisions – and Yes, it’s a real thing!), you will struggle to leave the market with only one bunch of flowers.



Different flowers are available at different seasons of the year. On my trip to the flower market last weekend, it was the beginning of spring (thank God!) and of course, tulips were in abundance!

Spring – the season of tulips!

As usual, I was carried away with all the beautiful flowers and wanted to buy a bunch of flowers at almost every stall. Fortunately (or unfortunately, whichever way you would like to see it!), I was stopped by the boyfriend and ended up only buying two bunches of flowers. In hindsight, he may have a point when he mentioned that I only had 2 vases at home (something I need to work on, so I can buy more flowers next time).

So I ended up going home with these:


There are cafes and food stalls around the market which you can stop by for coffee or a quick snack before or after your trip. Don’t forget also to check out the surrounding shops selling antiques, garden accessories and home decorations – you may find some hidden treasures there!


What’s nearby: Brick Lane Market and Hackney City Farm are both located within walking distance and are also open on Sundays, a perfect opportunity to wonder around East London!

Just for Fun: See if you can spot this beautiful blossoming tree on Hackney Road close to the Columbia Road Flower Market! It just looks too gorgeous to miss especially during spring when the flowers are blooming!


Know anywhere good in London that I should explore? Let me know in the comments, I love to wander around London!